About Annalise Wagstaff MS RD

Annalise Wagstaff is a Atlanta-based registered dietitian nutritionist offering nutrition counseling and consulting services to individuals, families and businesses.  As a nutrition expert and experienced speaker, and writer Annalise educates and empowers people of all ages on food, nutrition, and public health topics. 

Annalise has extensive experience in medical nutrition therapy and mindless eating practices. Her use of the latest scientific research and effective tools and methods helps clients achieve their goals.  


She received a Bachelor’s in Dietetics from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Annalise did completed her dietetic internship and Master’s in Healthcare Communication from the Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Following her education Annalise worked with teens in Boston and got valuable nutrition knowledge and skills working in a clinical setting. 

Annalise loves to spend her free time working out at Orange Theory, knitting, and doing home projects with her husband, Sam. 

I believe

It seems like the nutrition information is always changing. This change is exciting because the science of our bodies is always improving, but it also can confusing. However, lets leave the frustration behind. Individual nutrition counseling helps improve your confidence while at the grocery store, restaurant, or eating within your own home. You already make hundreds of food decisions each day so lets create a a food lifestyle for you that is realistic and a lifestyle.